Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Under the Wire

Whew! I thought I might not be able to post today. Blogger was down the first 12 times I tried to log on.

Not that I have a lot to say, but I feel the pressure of NaBloPoMo. I've never been one to just speak to fill the air with my own words. I usually prefer to be quiet until I have something thoughtful to say. Some might mistake me for snobby, but I'm just introverted. I prefer to say nothing rather than open my mouth and prove my stupidity.

Having to post all the time, I feel like I am at a cocktail party. Not one with all my favorite friends, but one where I hardly know anyone, and I have to chat them all up to impress them.

I am trolling my brain all day everyday for blog ideas, and discarding most of them. Anyone have any subjects they'd like me to expound on?


Awesome Mom said...

I am like that too! I am a horrible commenter because I only comment when I have something that will add to the conversation. I never comment just to comment.

Blog Post idea: what is your favorite animal?


I'd love to hear more about the kiddos and what they're up to these days....
How's Anna and her reading and Colin at his new school?

Just an idea...


Anonymous said...

Liver Protectants!! Or medicines that humans take that dogs take, too! (Or maybe not, people will start loading the pooches up on Valium or something.)

I don't know why 'liver protectant' tickles me so.

The scariest pet you've ever treated! The happiest outcome of a dire pet emergency you've ever had! The most annoying pet parent you've had to deal with! The most irritating commenter on your blog ! (Oops, that would be me.) Your junior high celebrity crush! What happened at your wedding! A birth story! Your first day of kindergarten! The dumbest thing you did in high school!

Alright, I quit.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you talk about green energy.


A.Norma said...

Well here goes (and these are not as daft as they appear)...I have just discovered Sweet Potatoes!! when you mentioned in your Blog the other day I wondered how you roasted them Duh!! I roasted them in the oven today mixed with Parsnips,leeks,celery,peppers,etc and they didn't turn out crispy like yours looked :( they were delicious but SOFT!...also what do those letters stand for in your post today? something to do with 'no sleep'...also (well you did ask) how do you manage to keep a Family happy and a career as well...your kids look healthy (apart from the odd cold) your Hubby happy and you come over as contented...I am your number 3 Fan...make that number make that 7...after your Mom and Pop,Anthony,Anna and Colin,and your two siblings...xx

Jennifer said...

Auntie Norma, NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Post Month. It is this crazy challenge that a bunch of bloggers have taken on, pledging to post every single day in the month of November. Every day, even weekends, even on our Thanksgiving holiday! So sit back and enjoy. N.B. Emily, Stephanie, and Paula have not signed up for this torture!

A.Norma said...

Oh,I yam,I yam enjoying it ,Jennifer..haha I am now addicted to these Blogs..and thank-you for how do YOU cook your sweet potato?