Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Notes from Colin's teacher today

Note #1

Dear Mr and Mrs Vetmommy,

Colin pulled his pants down in front of his friends and peed on our big tree in the playscape. Could you please talk to him about it.


Colin's teacher

Note #2

Dear Mr and Mrs Vetmommy,

Colin was chewing on the turkey baster and continued to put it in his mouth after I talked to him about it. The tip is all chewed up, and I told him he was responsible for bringing the class a new one.

--Colin's teacher

Two notes in one day - ay yai yai! "How come I never got any notes when I went there?" Anna asked, all jealous. Believe me, Anna, you don't want to get notes like this! Neither do I!


Anonymous said...

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ColeBugsmommy said...

You got to love boys!!!


And there enlies the difference between boys and girls. Girls love to please and boys like to see how much they can get away with before being caught. I LOVE IT! And,yes, you gotta love 'em.....especially Colin-O.


P.S. What's with that advertisement for the first comment?

Emily said...

Oh my! That first one made me laugh. How did your "talk" with him go?

EdamameMommy said...

Oh, you better watch out, ya better not cry, you better not FLIPPIN EXPOSE YOUR GENITALS TO YOUR CLASSMATES.

Some day this will be funny. For now, I would threaten a lump of coal for Christmas...

A.Norma said... old is the Teacher?? heavens above! what do they pay them for? sorry but I think those notes are childish and making a mountain out of a molehill!! am now wondering how you 'spoke to Colin .'and what about? for chewing the Turkey baster!! words fail me ...tell her he was so interested in what she was teaching at the time that he did it automatically..xx

A.Norma said...

....and another thing!!! I didn't know they cooked Turkeys at school classes ..well not at Colins' age...

Krispy said...

Oi vey.
What's a little pee between friends?

I remember walking through these lovely gardens in France and fairly often seeing mommies drag their male charges over to a tree to pee. There was no attempt at hiding it either. (granted France is really devoid of public restrooms.)

And chewing the turkey baster? annoying yes, dangerous no. not worthy of a note.

Jess said...

Oh, man! How funny! My aunt was sifting through some old school papers from my now 19 year old cousin's kindergarten days and she found an assignment he had did. The assignment was for Matthew to tell why he was special and draw a picture of something related to it. Matthew's teacher wrote in for him, "I am special because I am me and I like to touch things." Below was the drawing he had made of himself with three arms and two legs...we all laugh and joke about the "third arm" now...I'm sure at the time my aunt found it hilarious too! My aunt took it out of the memory box and placed it on the fridge. She continues to tease him about it. Maybe one day you can tease Colin about his tree incident too! :) So funny!

paula said...

What's wrong with peeing on trees? Isn't that what they are there for when you are 3? And the turkey baster? So, if he wants to go munching on the odd bit of plastic let him do it.... can't believe the teacher thought those two incidences were worthy of a letter home. He's only being a little lad bless him. Of course, the tone of this would be a little different if it was Luke peeing on trees in preschool and chomping on the school turkey baster (why on earth do they have a turkey baster?).

ChickenFlicken said...

I, too, am wondering why they have a turkey baster.

Hey, though. I got a call from the school nurse when my son was first diagnosed with diabetes and the nurse was all, "I think you may need to talk to your son. He's out of control."
In the background I can hear my child: "GAAAAAAAAAA!!! I HATE YOU!!!! NOOOOOOOO!! GAAAAAA!!!!"
So she puts the principal, a very nice and calm and accomodating man, on the phone. He says: Yes, Ms. Chicken, your son seems to have lost a bit of control today. Perhaps..." SMACK!!" Yes, he just came over and hit me."

Me: "I'll be right there."

So hey, if you think that peeing on a tree is embarassing, try having your son smack the principal while you're on the phone. There's no mortification like it. Luckily, Mr. Principal is a very understanding man, and my son has since accepted that he has to take his blood sugar reading at school every day. Tell the teacher this the next time you see her, she'll be glad all she gets is a Tree Pee-er.

EdamameMommy said...

They're lucky he didn't wave it about a bit and spray the area.

EdamameMommy said...

Actually the last comment was from get2eric however I am on Tip's computadora