Sunday, November 26, 2006

Its not TV. Its "Sex and the HBO."

Its been a great long holiday weekend. I'm ready to get on the couch and veg with some DVDs. This NaBloPoMo is wearing a little thin... thank goodness there's only 4 more days to go.

Anthony and I rented all the "Sex and the City," DVDs when they came out. We were too cheap to sign up for HBO, so we anxiously awaited the release of each one. I don't know how HBO subscribers could be satisfied after watching a single 30 minute episode. We always loved watching several, back to back.

When "Sex and the City" was over we were sad, and moved on to "Six Feet Under." Oh my God! what an incredible series. The characters were so rich, the story lines so fascinating and arching. The writers were true through the many years, and never forgot where their characters had been or what they really wanted out of life. Soon we were anticipating these DVDs in the mail as ardently as we had "Sex and the City."

So we called it "Sex and the Dirt."

Then "Sex and the Dirt" ended - and what a magnificent finale! I was sobbing at the end of the montage that shows you the ends of all the characters lives. How brilliant to show what happens to all these people we knew and loved, and especially to show their deaths since that was the other focus of the show. The next day I watched it again and again.

It was so great to enjoy and agree with the ending of a beloved series (both "Sex and the City" and "Sex and the Dirt") after being acutely disappointed with the endings of so many other network shows that I loved (Northern Exposure, Mad About You, Seinfeld, and Friends). Did they hire a completely different team of authors to write those other finales? Maybe the regular writers quit or moved on, so they just hired anyone off the street.

So now, we are hooked on "Deadwood," set in the 1800s gold rush town of the same name, written and directed by David Milch. He also did NYPD Blue, another favorite of mine. The style - jangling story lines and complex circuitous dialogue - is the same in both series, despite very different settings.

So we call it, "NYPD Sex in the West."


Leigh-Ann said...

I highly recommend the series "Dead Like Me", although it doesn't have an "ending" -- the series was cancelled after two seasons. I don't recall them leaving any cliffhangers, though. You might also want to try "Wonderfalls" (only 13 episodes total, but there's "resolution"), and of course, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" if you haven't been there already. Oh, "Veronica Mars" is also very good... I think the first two seasons are out on DVD.

NaBloPoMo... I look forward to next month, when all I want to do is read and comment on other people's blogs!

paula said...

It's so dreadful when a series that you absolutely love and can't wait to watch ends on a really bad episode. Friends was awful!! Richard and myself get really addicted to 24, we buy the entire series on DVD when it comes out and every night we watch an episode. We can't stand to watch it on TV as each episode ends on such a cliffhanger we end up screaming at the telly "nooooooo" as we can't bare the idea of having to wait a week for the next one.

Lisa said...

Six Feet Under? Best series ever! I watched the finale about 4 times, and cried every time. Ruth & Claire? Come on, that has got to get you going!

Any Firefly fans out there? Second best series, only 2nd because it didn't last as long as 6ft under.

Deadwood is very good, although I don't enjoy it quite as much as Mr. Man does, because it is so hard on the women. Painful sometimes.

You guys really need to start watching Veronica Mars. It is great!

Krispy said...

I HIGHLY recommend Firefly. It wasn't on long, but it certain was a splendid little series while it lasted. I'm a Buffy fan, but I think it's even better done than Buffy.

Smith & I are working through Dr. Who at the moment. But I don't recommend that for the sci-fi faint of heart.

katie said...

I just found your blog through NaBloPoMo.

The Six Feet Under series finale was fantastic! It almost made up for the fact that the series ended.

And Firefly - another fan here. You should definitely check that one out. The only problem is that the series ended much, much, much too early.