Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too Busy to Post

I think I have to rename May.  NoPo-NoMo.

Tonight was Anna's school music program.  She had a small solo.  Her sweet voice lifted up everyone.

Thursday is the Piano Recital.  We're having a special on music this week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We had an epic weekend.  Huge celebrations, customized to the birthday boy or girl's wishes.  First Emily came to town Wednesday, Steph and her crew on Friday, my parents on Saturday, my in-laws on Sunday. My 40th birthday party was on Saturday night, an enormous fete produced with much group effort by my family.  Colin's 7th birthday party was on Sunday afternoon.  Sunday was actually my dad's 70th birthday, and we took him out for a great dinner celebration.  Colin's actual birthday was on Monday, celebrated again with cupcakes at school and a sushi-Thai dinner (his choice).

I am still exhausted and giddy and still cleaning up.  More later!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Spell check

I work with some great people.  But  a few misspellings last week stopped me in my tracks.

The first was, "Scab on dog's right thy."
 (ie thigh)

Then, there was a cat with a problem on one of her nipples, or teat.  The receptionist asked, "How do you spell teats?  T - I - T - S?"

Uh, no, and please don't put that in the medical record!

Monday, May 03, 2010

It's May. Yay.

May means:

Hot weather
Mother's Day
My birthday (this year its a big one!)
My dad's birthday (ditto!)
Colin's birthday (7 years!)
Our Anniversary
Emily's birthday
Ballet recital
Piano recital
Swim team practice
Time to seriously get ready for the Triathlon season

I am not very excited about many of the items on this list, but I will try not to get over-extended like I did last year.  We'll see how that goes.

Last month, I had a toe ring party.  Like a tupperware party, except with custom fitted toe rings!  I went to one of them years ago and got my cute little toe ring that I have worn continuously since then.  When my friend Susan heard about that, she forced me to host a party.

Susan loves jewelry more than anyone else I know.  That's why Anna loves her so much.

Susan is very stylish and even wore a cute shrug designed for her by Bridgette.  (her dog)

Do men wear toe rings?
Only if they have a lot of tes-TOE-sterone!
Finally it was my turn.  Getting a toe ring is easier with lots of input from friends.
The salute at the end of a successful toe ring party!