Monday, February 22, 2010

I think Darth Vader has finally been defeated

Anna has been tearing through the Harry Potter series, and she and Colin watched the first movie.  I had to started re-reading them myself, since Anna would ask me questions about so many details.   I read them all when they were first published, and for some books that was 10+ years ago!  I must say I am enjoying them nearly as much as the first time through, and although I am also enjoying the Twilight series, it doesn't hold a candle to Harry Potter.

After Anna finished the 2nd book, her school friend (the one who always causes problems; thank goodness they aren't in the same classroom this year) actually told Anna how the series ends.  "H. told me that Harry Potter marries Ginny Wesley."  I guess she didn't notice my furrowed brow, because she continued, "So I looked at the end of the last book, and their kids are named James, Lily, and Albus Severus."  That is when my jaw hit the floor.

I was so shocked and hurt by this TREASONOUS act, started by H. but compounded by Anna, I hardly had to say anything to Anna because she knew how upset I was.  Anthony, not a reader himself, did not understand what the fuss was about.  I had to wait years to find out what happened, and until the end I wasn't sure if Harry would live or not.  The ending of the big finale did not disappoint, but now Anna would not have that experience of reading and experiencing the wonderful ending...

Anyway, that was over a month ago, and I'm over it now.  I even let Colin watch the first movie without reading the book first.  I am amazed at how he knows so much Hogwarts lore, and not just from the movie -- Anna talks about it all the time.

She is finishing book 5 and I just finished 4 (both 700+ pages).  And both kids are wanting a Harry Potter birthday party.  Better than the previous idea of a second Star Wars party each...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend recap

So Anthony and I really enjoyed our quiet weekend.  We went and heard our Manny, Wesley, play on Friday night.  He came over to our house after with a new band member to continue the party.

We slept and slept and slept on Saturday morning.  Mmmmm.  Got up for a lazy breakfast, lazed around the house, went to Costco.   We had a few friends over for a get-together in the evening.  All that lying-in makes me stay up WAYYYY too late.

Valentine's Day we snoozed again, then did some gardening in the warm morning sunshine.  Good thing -- hours later a cold front made it all grey and chilly.  I cleaned up Anna's room (more on that later), did some Bollywood dancing, then met my sweetheart for sushi and Thai food (our V-day tradition, this time without kiddos).

Anna and my sister Emily cleaned out her room a few months ago when she painted it.  It was already a disaster area, again.  Anna is a pack-rat extraordinaire, and unfortunately inherited her organization skills from me.  I told her several times to straighten up, and in the past I have sat with her and tried to help her clean up and cull the detritus - an exercise that lasts many hours, and results in much frustration on both our parts and very little clean up.  The girl simply cannot bear to get rid of ANYTHING, not even to make room for new birthday presents.

I told Anna if she didn't clean up her room before she went to Houston, I'd do it when she was gone.  She was very worried I'd get rid of precious treasures, so I told her I'd put everything in a box, and anything in it she asked for I would return to her.  "But what if there is something in there that I love but I can't remember?" she wailed.  Well, then you enjoyed it and don't need it anymore.  She wasn't convinced.

Going through Anna's room, I removed 2 trash bags of verifiable junk and one large box of possible treasures.  Anna had saved every scrap of paper, things that said "Colin 5 pts, Anna 8 pts" were saved with certificates of achievement, all of it crammed into drawers, shelves, under furniture, etc.  Every plastic necklace and hideous bauble from China was there.

But also there was this: at least a dozen books written and published by Anna on the StarWars movies, and a screenplay for Episode 7: Four Friendly Faces Return.  These are hand written books, most illustrated, stapled together by the author herself.  One has an author bio on the back:  "Anna Martin is 8 years old, she enjoys ballet and playing with her brother, Colin...."  Also, there is an entirely original book, based on a brother-sister pair who meet some new neighbors; it is not finished but is written as maturely as the Tree House series are.

I was really impressed.  And I am determined to remember all these amazing books she has made, and I will try to forget all the many Ziploc bags filled with random magazine clippings, with blank pages also titled "My Favorite Magazine Pictures," just waiting to be filled. (seriously, found 3 versions of this future project.)

And when Anna got home, she LOVED her new tidy room and thanked me.  She has not asked for anything from the box.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When it rains, it pours...

So, last week was really crazy and I'm still catching my breath from it all.  Anthony was in Chicago all week for training, but that part wasn't too bad.  The kids and I did our parts, and I was able to keep the homefront together with big help from The Manny.  The days I work he is here when the kids get off the bus, and by the time I pull in at 7pm, they have done homework/piano/dinner/showers/toothbrushing.  All I have to do is help with the reading and put them to bed, and that really is the best part.

The insanity was at work - on Thursday the other doctor I was scheduled with called in sick with the flu, so that meant I now had to juggle appointments and surgeries.  One of the first appointments I saw was a cat that obviously had an intestinal obstruction from a foreign object, which meant it would also need surgery that day.  The only good thing about being the only doctor is that I have the entire staff at my command, and they were wonderful about pitching in and doing everything they could for me.  In addition to the exploratory surgery, there was a neuter, an amputation, an eye enucleation, and a dental with unexpected extractions.  They ordered me a veggie stromboli that gave me fuel between surgeries, and I got them all done by 3 pm when appointments started again.  That was when one of my techs came in with a latte for me, and another doctor came in for the afternoon, and we got through it.  Although I was invited, I was too tired to go have a margarita after work.

Friday is a usual surgery morning for me, then my first afternoon appointment didn't show, which was fortunate because an emergency walked in -- one of my favorite patients had collapsed with a bleeding mass in her spleen.  Which required immediate surgery, again.  The staff once more was amazing - clearing my schedule and prepping the surgery pronto.

Sadly, I had to work Saturday morning, and my colleague had a cat with a foreign object that also needed surgery right then.  I was very happy to pass the surgery baton, except I got all the medical emergencies that came in, and I was not feeling mentally at the top of my game.  Also, we each got an emergency euthanasia, just for more fun.  Still, I felt it wasn't so bad since I only left 2 hours late.

I enjoyed a short do-nothing weekend with Anthony and the kids, then looked forward to laundry on Monday (my day off) when I got a call early that morning.  This time TWO doctors called in sick with the flu, anyway I could come in?  Since Anthony was actually scheduled to work in the home office and could do the after school duties, I went in.  Fortunately, I got to leave early on Tuesday, ensuring I made it to Colin's music program at school.  And I didn't get called in today.  And my parents are taking the kids on Friday for a long President's/Valentine's weekend in Houston, and I am not working that Saturday.

I will enjoy the quiet.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A round of dentals for everyone!

This week my parents brought their little chihuahua, Patches, to my work for a dental cleaning.  Poor Patch: every time I do her teeth she loses some.  This time it was just two tiny teeth.  It is so important to her overall health, though.  Plus it makes her breath so much better.  She was a little swollen afterwards and bleary eyed, but enjoyed her recovery being held by my dad (her preferred state of being).

By coincidence, my sister Emily's old cat was having a dental done in NYC.  She gets tooth resorbtions, a common problem in felines, and last time I did her teeth I pulled three.  This time she had three more gone. This cat has been with Emily through thick and thin since college, so she was pretty nervous.  I'm happy to say that she did fine (even earned herself a "Caution!" sticker).  Emily also realizes its important to her overall health and well-being not to have pain or infection in her mouth.  Emily emailed me a copy of her dental Xrays, which I loved looking at!  Also, I could tell they did a great job.

Today, Colin got his dental cleaning.  Fortunately, no extractions (or cavities!).  Colin had seen his sister get the fluoride treatment before but this was his first time.  When the hygienist wedged that big mouth piece into his gob, his face was a mixture of surprise and disgust.  Then the gagging began.  The hygienist talked him through it, and he breathed rapidly, fingers compusively squeezing the arm rests.  When it was done he was still nonplussed, but perked up when he got his token for the toy vending machine.