Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A round of dentals for everyone!

This week my parents brought their little chihuahua, Patches, to my work for a dental cleaning.  Poor Patch: every time I do her teeth she loses some.  This time it was just two tiny teeth.  It is so important to her overall health, though.  Plus it makes her breath so much better.  She was a little swollen afterwards and bleary eyed, but enjoyed her recovery being held by my dad (her preferred state of being).

By coincidence, my sister Emily's old cat was having a dental done in NYC.  She gets tooth resorbtions, a common problem in felines, and last time I did her teeth I pulled three.  This time she had three more gone. This cat has been with Emily through thick and thin since college, so she was pretty nervous.  I'm happy to say that she did fine (even earned herself a "Caution!" sticker).  Emily also realizes its important to her overall health and well-being not to have pain or infection in her mouth.  Emily emailed me a copy of her dental Xrays, which I loved looking at!  Also, I could tell they did a great job.

Today, Colin got his dental cleaning.  Fortunately, no extractions (or cavities!).  Colin had seen his sister get the fluoride treatment before but this was his first time.  When the hygienist wedged that big mouth piece into his gob, his face was a mixture of surprise and disgust.  Then the gagging began.  The hygienist talked him through it, and he breathed rapidly, fingers compusively squeezing the arm rests.  When it was done he was still nonplussed, but perked up when he got his token for the toy vending machine.


get2eric said...

Yes, thanks for that Jenn. P did great today. Ate the new food and was her old self again. I will begin her brushing routine over the w/e. I want her gums to heal properly from the extractions first.

Emily said...

Thanks again for all your emotional support and advice while I stressed over Sabrina's dental this week.

I LOL-ed at your description of Colin! I could totally picture the whole scenario in my head. Glad he came through it nonplussed.

Anonymous said...

Jen, I so love reading your blog. I have been following you for quite awhile--I love your animal stories. I wish you lived near me--I'd be so honored to have you care for my animals.
Just a quick question....I have a newfoundland, Eva. She is 10 months old. I've been reading a lot about canine nutrition and wonder if you have any dog foods you recommend. I've read that Iams--etc, is really not a very good food. I really appreciate your opinion.

Vetmommy said...

Anonymous, you should leave more info about yourself! Where do you live?

I actually like Iams foods, because they have so many Omega 3 Fatty Acids. My dog eats Iams Premium Protection, and my cats eat canned Iams, and Science Diet dry.

I also like a lot of Science Diet products (esp. the prescription lines), Royal Canin, Wellness, Evo. There are a lot of good foods out there, and no one food is best for every pet. If your budget and options are limited, Proplan is not a bad choice. I like to see a company that spends money on research and quality ingredients.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenn--I really appreciate your opinions and will give one of those foods a try.
My name is Lisa. I am from Iowa. I have four children (ages 5,4,3 and 2) and three dogs--Nakita, Reggie and Eva. My husband is a police officer and I am a nurse practitioner. Two of our dogs are rescue dog lab mixes. We decided to get a Newfie last summer after much, much research on the breed. She is a joy. Big girl, yes, but such a gentle, gentle giant. We couldn't love her more!
Again, your blog is an absolute joy to read. Thanks again for the dog food recommendations.

Lisa said...

Poor Colin! I hope he is proud of himself for going through with it.

About a month ago, Lyra had her first set of dental x-rays done. She had always refused, fearing she would somehow choke on them. This time, I had a giant load of 2nd-hand Barbie things in my car. My friend had cleaned out her daughter's room and offered them to me. That made for some perfect bribery.