Thursday, October 06, 2011

Pacific NW

All of hot August we looked forward to our vacation planned the last week of September in Washington State.  My cousin was getting married, and we made plans to extend our stay to 10 days.  The trip did not disappoint.  The weather was cool and showery up there, while it continued to be in the 100's down here in Texas.

There was a blue color I had not seen in so long, a lavender-grey-blue, in the moist clouds, in the mountains, even in some of the spruce trees.  Ten months with no significant rain and soaring temps have left Texas brown, yellow, and washed out of color, like an over exposed photograph.  We spent many days happily tramping around in the drizzling weather, not getting soaked but definitely rehydrating!

Notably, it did not rain on the days that we went hiking.  It did shower briefly before the outdoor wedding, then stopped, so we could all enjoy the garden ceremony.

It is so nice to drink coffee and hot tea when its cold and damp.