Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

Colin brought home a worksheet about himself.  Here are some highlights:

My favorite place is New Mexico.
After school, I like to play vido games.
My pet peeve is Toby.
When I feel sad, it helps to play piano.
If I could change my name, I'd call myself Ash.
I wish I were as tall as myself.
I'm good at math.
If I could rule the world, I'd give candy.
My favorite possession is my fish.
If I lived in another country, I'd like it to be Cloudcroft.
On my birthday I'd like to give donuts to my friends.

Anna brought home a computerized reading assessment.  Seems she reads on a 11.5 grade level, and we should be sure to have her check out books at that level to keep her challenged.  Sheesh.

Monday, August 15, 2011


Summer, the school vacation, is nearly over for us.  Summer, the season, has lodged itself here and won't be leaving anytime soon.  Our part of Texas is in a severe drought, and its been over 100 nearly every day since the end of May.  It's awful; we hide inside the air conditioning from the sun all day.

My children, my parents, and one of my sisters are cooling their heels in Cloudcroft, NM.  We video chatted last night and they were wearing hoodies.  The humanity!

I told my kids that they needed to get their rooms in shape, because I was going to clean them while they were gone.  I spent the past day and a half in their hovels, and confirmed that they are terrible hoarders!  I threw away a bunch of paper and plastic junk.  Also, there are four boxes in the attic full of stuff I am betting they will never ever miss HOWEVER if they specifically ask for an item in one of those boxes, I will retrieve it for them.  After 6 months, I am sending the boxes to Goodwill.  Unopened.

Do you think they'll notice something that is missing from their tidy rooms?