Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School

Colin brought home a worksheet about himself.  Here are some highlights:

My favorite place is New Mexico.
After school, I like to play vido games.
My pet peeve is Toby.
When I feel sad, it helps to play piano.
If I could change my name, I'd call myself Ash.
I wish I were as tall as myself.
I'm good at math.
If I could rule the world, I'd give candy.
My favorite possession is my fish.
If I lived in another country, I'd like it to be Cloudcroft.
On my birthday I'd like to give donuts to my friends.

Anna brought home a computerized reading assessment.  Seems she reads on a 11.5 grade level, and we should be sure to have her check out books at that level to keep her challenged.  Sheesh.


Emily said...

Sure seems like NM made an impression on Colin. :-) I love that his "pet peeve" is Toby. And "Ash"???

And OMG! 11.5 grade reading level? How can we keep up with this girl?

EdamameMommy said...

Tell Ash we love him and wish we could take him for donuts at VGs.

Tell Anna we hope she enjoys checking out copies of National Geographic, as that is probably all she'll find in her library that works for her. (I remember that is what we read, thanks to Aunt Sudie)

Buy bacon more often, for pete's sake, and you don't have to flip it AT ALL if you buy a pan with an air pocket and set the oven temp very low. I put mine in at about 250 as soon as I wake up. By the time the kids are dressed and making their way to the kitchen, it is crispy.

Krispy said...

and how to read at 11th grade level WHILE being age appropriate?!

I don't actually flip my bacon in the oven. It comes out fine, oddly enough. And I was raised by the method of pan cooking, with constant minding, rotation and flipping.