Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When it rains, it pours...

So, last week was really crazy and I'm still catching my breath from it all.  Anthony was in Chicago all week for training, but that part wasn't too bad.  The kids and I did our parts, and I was able to keep the homefront together with big help from The Manny.  The days I work he is here when the kids get off the bus, and by the time I pull in at 7pm, they have done homework/piano/dinner/showers/toothbrushing.  All I have to do is help with the reading and put them to bed, and that really is the best part.

The insanity was at work - on Thursday the other doctor I was scheduled with called in sick with the flu, so that meant I now had to juggle appointments and surgeries.  One of the first appointments I saw was a cat that obviously had an intestinal obstruction from a foreign object, which meant it would also need surgery that day.  The only good thing about being the only doctor is that I have the entire staff at my command, and they were wonderful about pitching in and doing everything they could for me.  In addition to the exploratory surgery, there was a neuter, an amputation, an eye enucleation, and a dental with unexpected extractions.  They ordered me a veggie stromboli that gave me fuel between surgeries, and I got them all done by 3 pm when appointments started again.  That was when one of my techs came in with a latte for me, and another doctor came in for the afternoon, and we got through it.  Although I was invited, I was too tired to go have a margarita after work.

Friday is a usual surgery morning for me, then my first afternoon appointment didn't show, which was fortunate because an emergency walked in -- one of my favorite patients had collapsed with a bleeding mass in her spleen.  Which required immediate surgery, again.  The staff once more was amazing - clearing my schedule and prepping the surgery pronto.

Sadly, I had to work Saturday morning, and my colleague had a cat with a foreign object that also needed surgery right then.  I was very happy to pass the surgery baton, except I got all the medical emergencies that came in, and I was not feeling mentally at the top of my game.  Also, we each got an emergency euthanasia, just for more fun.  Still, I felt it wasn't so bad since I only left 2 hours late.

I enjoyed a short do-nothing weekend with Anthony and the kids, then looked forward to laundry on Monday (my day off) when I got a call early that morning.  This time TWO doctors called in sick with the flu, anyway I could come in?  Since Anthony was actually scheduled to work in the home office and could do the after school duties, I went in.  Fortunately, I got to leave early on Tuesday, ensuring I made it to Colin's music program at school.  And I didn't get called in today.  And my parents are taking the kids on Friday for a long President's/Valentine's weekend in Houston, and I am not working that Saturday.

I will enjoy the quiet.


mr man said...

All that and flu, too. I'd say this about takes the whole cake for a busy week at work. I'll have to think twice before I complain about emails, meetings and whining about ftp downloads not working.
Still, I hope it is satisfying in retrospect that all of you hard work goes into making the world a better place.... and what a staff you have. I'm envious in so many ways. Enjoy your week-end.

Emily said...

Wow! That's exhausting-sounding, and amazingly impressive.

Enjoy the kid-free weekend with Anth!

Lisa said...

I'm exhausted just reading about it!

Do have some relaxing fun on your break.
Go have a massage!

mainlyclearskies said...

Yes, definitely enjoy the quiet! You deserve it.

get2eric said...

enjoy it. it's noisy here.