Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weekend recap

So Anthony and I really enjoyed our quiet weekend.  We went and heard our Manny, Wesley, play on Friday night.  He came over to our house after with a new band member to continue the party.

We slept and slept and slept on Saturday morning.  Mmmmm.  Got up for a lazy breakfast, lazed around the house, went to Costco.   We had a few friends over for a get-together in the evening.  All that lying-in makes me stay up WAYYYY too late.

Valentine's Day we snoozed again, then did some gardening in the warm morning sunshine.  Good thing -- hours later a cold front made it all grey and chilly.  I cleaned up Anna's room (more on that later), did some Bollywood dancing, then met my sweetheart for sushi and Thai food (our V-day tradition, this time without kiddos).

Anna and my sister Emily cleaned out her room a few months ago when she painted it.  It was already a disaster area, again.  Anna is a pack-rat extraordinaire, and unfortunately inherited her organization skills from me.  I told her several times to straighten up, and in the past I have sat with her and tried to help her clean up and cull the detritus - an exercise that lasts many hours, and results in much frustration on both our parts and very little clean up.  The girl simply cannot bear to get rid of ANYTHING, not even to make room for new birthday presents.

I told Anna if she didn't clean up her room before she went to Houston, I'd do it when she was gone.  She was very worried I'd get rid of precious treasures, so I told her I'd put everything in a box, and anything in it she asked for I would return to her.  "But what if there is something in there that I love but I can't remember?" she wailed.  Well, then you enjoyed it and don't need it anymore.  She wasn't convinced.

Going through Anna's room, I removed 2 trash bags of verifiable junk and one large box of possible treasures.  Anna had saved every scrap of paper, things that said "Colin 5 pts, Anna 8 pts" were saved with certificates of achievement, all of it crammed into drawers, shelves, under furniture, etc.  Every plastic necklace and hideous bauble from China was there.

But also there was this: at least a dozen books written and published by Anna on the StarWars movies, and a screenplay for Episode 7: Four Friendly Faces Return.  These are hand written books, most illustrated, stapled together by the author herself.  One has an author bio on the back:  "Anna Martin is 8 years old, she enjoys ballet and playing with her brother, Colin...."  Also, there is an entirely original book, based on a brother-sister pair who meet some new neighbors; it is not finished but is written as maturely as the Tree House series are.

I was really impressed.  And I am determined to remember all these amazing books she has made, and I will try to forget all the many Ziploc bags filled with random magazine clippings, with blank pages also titled "My Favorite Magazine Pictures," just waiting to be filled. (seriously, found 3 versions of this future project.)

And when Anna got home, she LOVED her new tidy room and thanked me.  She has not asked for anything from the box.


get2eric said...

Oh, it comes from me I'm afraid.
I love everything that I own. I can't throw away spit unless it is something that I didn't really like when I got it.

Things that I like-----------forget it; they're here forever.

Like your Mom.

Lisa said...

I'm not at all surprised Anna is such a prolific author. I wish you guys lived closer to us. Ruby leans in that direction, but doesn't have Anna's follow-through. What treasures those books are!

And the hoarding? I hear ya. I have to go in on the sly and do the culling. Just as you said, when the children are involved, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Emily said...

Yes, I spent several hours culling with her! I've just never been much of a collector, so it's easier for me to purge I guess.

It's nice that she appreciates the end result! And I think it's funny she hasn't missed anything that's in the box.

And the books -- What a great find! I recently read about a young author who's first book was published when she was Anna's age. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

That week-end sounds super! You've had a couple of adult only week-ends lately I'm jealous :-)

EdamameMommy said...

That story reminds me of sitting at that odd, abandoned office desk in the strange-smelling guest room of Grandma's house in Country Place (Carrollton). You'd sit at that desk and write stories, about ants and things, while Emily and I hoarded the 10 yr old makeup and discarded jazz costumes from the closet.

Paper abounds. Do you think in our lifetime it will be anachronistic to worry about these things? I could see Anna's hoarding going virtual, and then she'll just need a few terabytes...

Anonymous said...

Hi,Jennifer! I have at last managed to reach your blog via Stephanie's blog..Hurrah!
I have just read this posting about Anna's room and sympathise with you..I cannot bear too much 'clutter' but if most of it is 'writings' I would think twice before I threw away..Mums cannot win can we? Nice to be back. :)

Aunty Norma.x