Monday, May 03, 2010

It's May. Yay.

May means:

Hot weather
Mother's Day
My birthday (this year its a big one!)
My dad's birthday (ditto!)
Colin's birthday (7 years!)
Our Anniversary
Emily's birthday
Ballet recital
Piano recital
Swim team practice
Time to seriously get ready for the Triathlon season

I am not very excited about many of the items on this list, but I will try not to get over-extended like I did last year.  We'll see how that goes.

Last month, I had a toe ring party.  Like a tupperware party, except with custom fitted toe rings!  I went to one of them years ago and got my cute little toe ring that I have worn continuously since then.  When my friend Susan heard about that, she forced me to host a party.

Susan loves jewelry more than anyone else I know.  That's why Anna loves her so much.

Susan is very stylish and even wore a cute shrug designed for her by Bridgette.  (her dog)

Do men wear toe rings?
Only if they have a lot of tes-TOE-sterone!
Finally it was my turn.  Getting a toe ring is easier with lots of input from friends.
The salute at the end of a successful toe ring party!


Emily said...

You forgot end of the school year in your long list of May events. It is always such a busy month!

The toe ring party looks like great fun. I don't know if I could wear one...I think it would bother me. I don't wear any rings on my fingers -- haven't for years -- and I think it would be even more distracting on my toe! But it looks like Anna is very interested. :-)

Laura said...

A toe ring party!?
How do you become a seller of toe rings?!