Thursday, May 06, 2010

Spell check

I work with some great people.  But  a few misspellings last week stopped me in my tracks.

The first was, "Scab on dog's right thy."
 (ie thigh)

Then, there was a cat with a problem on one of her nipples, or teat.  The receptionist asked, "How do you spell teats?  T - I - T - S?"

Uh, no, and please don't put that in the medical record!


@eloh said...

Many years ago, we were covering for a good guy that had lost the sight in one of his eyes. The Army would not have allowed him to stay in police work. So, he stayed on the desk and did paperwork so no one would notice...

Then came the day when the daily blotter read... "God bite - off post"

Emily said...


ColeBugsmommy said...

LOL! Maybe they need to come spend a week with me!

The Library Lady said...

We have not even bothered to interview people because of the egregious spellings on their resume.
It's a library, a place where spelling DEFINITELY counts!

My favorite was a law librarian/professor who must have wanted a moonlighting job and couldn't even bother to make sure she put all the "r"s in "Librarian" just in the subject of her e-mail message.