Friday, November 03, 2006


I was standing in line to vote early today. The woman in front of me saw her husband approach, and called out to him as he walked toward her, "Honey, I know we're going camping, but you don't even match!"

He was wearing: a black rugby shirt with a dark blue stripe, dark green pants, and black shoes.

He didn't match, but at least all the colors were in the same family.

She was wearing: a red ribbed sweater, navy knit pants - high waters, to show her fuschia socks, and black shoes.

Maybe they don't have a full length mirror at home.


Leah said...

maybe they are colored blind as well

A.Norma said...

hahahahaahahahahaahahhha my oh my,Jenn. what a picture you paint!! can I ask you 'Did you hide your smile? xx

Jonathan said...

I don't get it... I know for a girl it's important for knickers and bra to match (my better half informs me of this while hunting for matching items)... I didn't realise it applied to other clothing too?!?

A.Norma said...

..depends on the colours,Jonathan,and the garment of course. :)