Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Deal with Celery

I love fruits and vegetables, and will happily eat ANY of them, with one glaring exception.

I HATE celery.

I really really loathe it. Its presence can ruin a meal for me. For example: the night before Anna was born, I ate salmon at a restaurant. The last bite that I put in my mouth was flavored with celery seed. You know, those little things full of concentrated celery flavor? It filled my mouth and sinuses with their icky presence. And it was the last bite, so I didn't have anything else to follow it with. And, I thought about how that celery laden bite was the last thing I got to eat when I was pushing her out (since wisely they won't let you eat until you're done with labor).

I HATE celery.

Its not the crunchiness.

Its not the long, fibrous strings.

Its that awful, overpowering flavor!

OK, here's another birth+hate of celery story: I went into labor with Colin while waiting to eat at a beautiful buffet line at a friend's wedding. I was so sad not to get to eat that food! Many hours later, the nurse scrounges something for me to eat. All she can find is a sad, old tuna fish sandwich. Well, I like tuna, and I'm starved, so I eat it.

Guess what? Full of celery. That's my reward for pushing out this 8+ lb boy in less than 3 hours from leaving the reception: celery. Grrr...

(BTW, awful day at work today. No way I would have posted if it weren't for NaBloPoMo.)


EdamameMommy said...

Well, I do feel for you eating it around the birth of each child. But you and I must have gotten opposite ends of the gene spectrum on this one. I love the stuff, especially the celery salt. Two things that are great with celery salt. First, the drink called a Ceasar in Calgary -- a bloody mary made with Clamato instead of V8, and rimmed with celery salt. Yum! Second, an elegant appetizer my friend Susan often serves with cocktails: boiled quail eggs with celery salt for dipping. Very fine! Now my mouth is watering, but not yours huh?

Sorry about the day at work. Don't let the turkeys get you down!

baseballmom said...

Whoa...I HATE celery too! It's evil-I pick it out of EVERYTHING.

Leah said...

I have to say that I too HATE celery. Specially when they use it as a filler in soup and chicken salad. I even hate the stringy things. I feel like such a kid when I pick celery out of my food but it just ruins my food.

Lisa said...

While I was reading your post I kept thinking about that old recipe book you have that gives a recipe for homemade celery wine. Celery Wine! How hard-up would you have to be? You should do a post about that book.

Also, file this post under the "good to know" category because I had completely forgotten this about you. I don't often use the stuff (and never, under any circumstances, celery salt or seed) but I will now make extra sure not to feature celery when we have you all over.

Anonymous said...

Celery was created by the devil. But I do like celery seed and celery salt. Go figure.

Sorry you had a rough day, darlin'!


A.Norma said...

I love Celery!! the crunch of it mmm sorry to those of you who hate it..I also add it to my roast Veggies in chunks..mmm :o) There is something in it that is supposed to be good for you but alas I cannot think what it is. :( you will just have to take my word for it.xx

Leigh-Ann said...

Hey there! I've tried to post comments a few times, but Blogger always foils me -- it must be NaBloPoMoverwhelmed! I just wanted to thank you for blogging every day, and tell you I'm enjoying reading it :)