Tuesday, November 07, 2006

PG-13 stories

Thanks, all ye commenters, for your encouragement during NaBloPoMo! 1 week down, 3.25 to go!

Today I have some funny work stories for you. At my clinic, the foul language has gotten quite out of hand. We have a few employees that are quite colorful and creative with their profanity, and pretty soon it gets a little too contagious.

SO! At our last staff meeting, the hospital manager admonished us to clean up those potty mouths.

"Yes," said my boss in all seriousness. "Swearing just isn't professional. Oh Sh!t, I'm bleeding!"

Moving along, two of my adult coworkers were telling me today they went together to go see "Flicka." They were there with all the little girls watching the movie because they, too, love horses. Only one of them kept cursing during the "intense" parts of the movie, and was surprised when her companion kept shushing her, or that the mom in front of them turned around to give her the evil eye. (I told you that cursing was catching!)

At the end of the movie, they both started tearing up (because these movies are always emotionally manipulative and really drag out the sappy parts. That said, Anna and I were dry-eyed). Then my friends looked at each other, crying at this silly preteen movie, and started laughing at themselves.

Only now, they were laughing and crying, and it sounded like they were sobbing, SOBBING because HER DAD DIDN'T SHOOT FLICKA AFTERALL!

Hope I didn't spoil it for you.


Leah said...

OH MY...I can not believe you told the Flika story....I starting laughing again. I am glad that you left our names out of it....I mean... I am glad you left the two adult coworkers names out of it.... ha ha

A.Norma said...

hahahahaahahahah what more can I say? wonderful story. :)

ColeBugsmommy said...

My favorite part was when Leah and Susan (I mean those two co-workers) were telling you that story, LOUDLY when I was on the phone with the drug rep. YUP, We IS professional aroun' this here work plaz.