Friday, November 17, 2006

A day without Sunshine

That's what yesterday was. Our clinic is in a strip center. It is amazingly large and well designed, but has no windows. If I don't get out for lunch, I feel completely out of touch with the climate. No idea what the weather is like. Yesterday an emergency cat-trying-to-die-from-heart-failure filled my lunch. I got food at 2pm but no fresh air or UV. This time of year, its dark by the time I stumble out the back door to my car.

We've been very busy with an unseasonal increase in sick patients. Also, we have one doctor out on maternity leave. Then my boss's mom was hospitalized; she sadly passed away yesterday. We normally have 3 doctors a day but have been operating lately on 2.

And surgeries! In October there was plenty of room to schedule stuff, and we had tons of cancellations. The past few weeks the surgery schedule has been all booked up with no room at the inn. So when I see a dog with a painful, broken tooth, it can't wait 2 weeks for an appointment. Ditto the dog with metastatic cancer in a lymph node - wait 2 weeks and it may spread further. So we are shoving them in, anywhere we can.

Today I actually got to leave the premises for a 45 minute lunch! And the cat is no longer in failure, sent home on oral meds. Here's the best part: tomorrow is the first Saturday I won't be working in 6 weeks! Yippee!


Dad said...

Man I wish I could help all those 'in need' animals.

Skipping lunch wouldn't hurt once in a while too!

A.Norma said...

You are a Wonder Jenn,..make sure you eat well and look after 'YOU' too...xx

Leah said...

If you could only hear what the pets are saying to you when you have helped them....your their hero...Glad you care enough to stay...SO ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND OFF WITH YOUR truly deserve it after a crazy few weeks.

Emily said...

Enjoy a well-deserved break!