Monday, November 20, 2006

Instant Gratification

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving feast at both of the kids' schools. Colin was supposed to help make the mashed potatoes for his school. Anna had this task last year, and we peeled, boiled, and mashed the potatoes. She wasn't very enthusiastic, since she doesn't even like mashed potatoes.

I tried to get Colin interested before we left the house, but he was too busy playing trains. Then we stayed out way to late, shopping and eating. Now there wasn't even time for a bedtime story - just brush the teeth and get into bed.

So after he was asleep, I made instant mashed potatoes.

I feel pretty guilty about this. He didn't participate in the process, and they just don't seem authentic. But, I mixed in real milk, sweet cream butter, kosher salt, and it says its made with real Idaho potatoes.

That's what they call "phoning it in," Antonia!


EdamameMommy said...

Phoning it in? Naw, you actually did stuff at home -- did you know there is a new trend of "Cooking" shows here in the States that applauds meals made like those instant potatoes as home-cooking? No joke.

Phoning it in is what I do -- picking up the telephone and having a nearby restaurant make them for you. ;) Hence the dinner entree we're bringing and you'll be eating tomorrow night courtesy of the Coronado Club.

You can get away with that kind of food prep for preschoolers, but if you try that monkey business with our Turkey Day dinner, you might get popped in the bum by a kitchen towel or two!

ChickenFlicken said...

I keep having to remind myself that I am only one person and that I can only do so much. It sounds like you need me to remind you of that, too.

Hey Jen! You're only one person and you can only do so much.

And really, do you think the kids are going to be able to tell the difference? They'll be all, "These are just like my mommy's potatoes!!" and will love them! Hee!


Emily said...

Yeah, I found out Anna didn't like mashed potatoes when I stayed with the kids a couple years ago. I made from scratch mashed potatoes, with milk, butter and cheddar cheese. Of course, she doesn't like cheddar cheese either!

I'm sure the instants tasted just fine.

A.Norma said...

They wont know the difference ,Jenn...:o)