Monday, November 27, 2006

Choose your words

Colin and I went grocery shopping today after I picked him up from school.

At dinner tonight, he said, "Mommy, can I have dessert?"

Anthony said, "We don't have any dessert."

Colin said, "I want ice cream."

Anthony and Anna both said, "We don't have any ice cream!"

I was so proud of my little boy, who although he is just 3 1/2, and not as articulate as his sister, clearly communicated to everyone. "Yes we do!" Colin said. "Mommy picked one out at the store!"

I rewarded the little tattle tail with an ice cream cone.



Cute Jenn. I was surprised at his speech when we visited on Friday, too! He's a cute fella.

Keep going with your posting...your almost there....


Awesome Mom said...

What a bummer that you got ratted out. I hope the ice cream was good while it lasted.

paula said...

Yes nothing much gets past them at this age does it.

Emily said...

Cutie pie.

Daisy said...

Hey Jenn - what a cutie he is!

I have a vet question for you, ready? A guy I work with took his cat to the vet across the street from our office yesterday to be spayed. Turns out, she was a he, and they actually CUT him open, looking for ovaries, before they realized this. What's your opinion on this? It seems pretty bad to me, but I thought I'd ask for the pro answer!

A.Norma said...

How strange...I heard same story from a friend as Daisy just commented!!! just cut the cat open to see if HE had ovaries!!!! I would have sued 'em...suppose your answer will be sometimes (as in Humans) we cannot tell if they Male or Female,huh? glad they don't open US up to make sure hahaha xx

ColeBugsmommy said...

When Cole was that age he would always tell people what we were giving them for a gift because he was so honest. "Papa we got you a blue shirt for your birthday." Gee thanks!