Friday, November 16, 2007


My Mac returned today. Anthony ordered me one but the sound didn't work. He's updating the new one, and noticed I had all the email addresses I've ever used. He's blowing away the defunct ones.

"Who's Eric L.?" We were in college choir with him. "Who's Parker F?" Our neighbor when we were first married. "Who's Mike M?" Worked with at Ft. Hood. "Who is Susan R?" She cuts my hair. "Who's Brenda Smith?" No idea.

I wonder if people run across my name in their address books. "Who is Jennifer D? I wonder what she is doing?" Living in Austin, married to Anthony, working as a vet, raising kids, trying to think of something to blog about for 'PoMo!


Laura said...

Just FYI: AALAS stands for the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.

mr man said...


what email app/svr have YOU been using that you have an aggie chorister in your address book?

is this your REACH post for BLoME? Yesterday or previous to that was ms. peev's.

Where is ant's engineering blog? i think it was over here under the macallans bottle..

did i mention, i miss you guys? what's up with the yard? mine is compostin'. why don't you do any greywater reuse? I hope to..