Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving, recycled

Today, the kids went back to school (so tired! already used to sleeping in after just 4 days off!), Anthony was working, and I was doing my usual Monday chores - laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, jogging, tidying up.

I made 2 big batches of turkey broth from the oh-so-smokey Greenburg turkey. We look forward to the broth as much as the bird itself, to flavor our soups and wild rice for months to come.

Sunday, we ate the last of the ham for breakfast, and we've been dining on turkey sandwiches (so good on the rosemary ciabbata from the Farmers' Market!). I polished off the last of the stuffing and gravy with some sliced turkey for lunch.

The flower arrangements (from a client and Steph/Evelyn's baptism) were droopy and dropping petals, so sadly were dispatched to the compost pile.

The cute pineapple turkey centerpiece was carved up. The kids got a container each in their lunchboxes.

The edamame succotash, which the kids and I have been eating on for 3 days, I could not face any longer. I tossed it into the chicken yard, and watched the hens gratefully devour it. They picked out the corn first then the soybeans. I watched them for a while in the warm sunshine, the first we've had in days, and thought about how they would turn our leftover veggies into wonderful orange-yolked eggs.


Laura said...

Wow. You did a great job stretching your left overs from Thanksgiving this far. I think we polished ours off on Saturday. Then again, we only cooked for the two of us, so there was much less to begin with.

mr man said...

I'm reading "Four-Season Harvest," and the author keeps, guess what? Not chickens, but ducks to clean slugs and bugs from his cold frames and garden. Of course, they don't go into the garden when there are sproutlets to be eaten instead of animal invaders.

He said one of the deciding factors for ducks over chickens was the fact that in winter, they'll still lay at 60% of the rate they do in the summer; eggs that is. Plus ducks are quieter and generally, less fighty than chickens. I thought it was interesting. Are ducklings as cute as chicklets?

Emily said...

I don't blame you for sharing the succotash with the chickens. 3 days of the same leftover gets old! I just have to share with coworkers or neighbors when I have too much.