Sunday, November 18, 2007

Playing with the Mac

The photo features are really awesome. Anthony downloaded these random photos from my cell phone from across the room!

One day I took Francesca for a walk and found these. Can you guess what they are?

It's the skeletal remains of a snake. Very CSI.

Here's the Oregon wine country. (sigh)

This next one was from a night at Anna's school. Sometimes cell phone images alter the true colors of things. Not this one - check out the relish.

It was freakishly minty green. Grossed everyone out. Too much green dye #5.

Anna, after going to see the Austin Ballet.

She looks a little afraid of the fierce Angelina Eberly. She is the woman who, upon hearing the state archives were to be moved from Austin to Houston, shot a cannon down Congress Avenue to protect them. "I am woman, hear me roar!"

And that is day 18 of 'PoMo, over and out!


get2eric said...
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get2eric said...

The hot dog is really gross. Angelina is doing her thing..........

ColeBugsmommy said...

Oregon wine I really need a vacation.

peevish said...

The wine country looks amazing. I'll bet that Mac is amazing, too. Envy!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in the Oregon wine country (Willamette valley). That picture makes my heart hurt, it's so nice!

I check your blog every now and then, and love it!

Josie (a friend of Steph)