Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Central

In an unlikely turn of events, we have visitors coming from both sides of our family this year for the feast. I know (from talking to several coworkers) that not everyone relishes a big family Thanksgiving. It's loads of work, feeding everyone, cleaning up after everyone, never mind all the prep work! But I can't help it, I love a big, extended gathering.

At the Farmers' Market last weekend, Anna begged me to buy this ENORMOUS sweet potato. Previously I've declined, but this week is the one time I thought we could actually consume this much sweet potato.

It was SO unseasonably hot today, just miserable at 90 degrees. Finally this afternoon a beautiful cool front came through, dropping the temperature 40 degrees. This is a very good thing, so that we can use the "outdoor refrigerator."

While my MIL and I chopped and prepped, the cousins watched the very culinary "Ratatouille."


peevish said...

that sweet potato is hilarious!

get2eric said...

Wow that's a big one. We have been busy prepping too. The pecan pies and succotash are made and Mommy's cranberry muffins dough is ready for manana por la manana. We are leaving in an hour.

Lula said...

I can't wait to read about your menu! Your meals always sound so delicious and healthy.

And that is one impressive sweet potato.

ColeBugsmommy said...

Hope ya'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving!