Monday, November 19, 2007

A matter of perspective

Anna is a precocious reader, but Colin-O is starting to sound out words, too. He loves "Frog and Toad," stories, especially the pint-sized ghost story, Shivers. (Anna is still afraid of it, and waits in the other room until it's over.)

Tonight he saw the word NO in the text and told me, "That's ON." I explained that it was "Nuh-Oh, we always read this letter first, then the next one."

He picked up the book, turned it upside down, and said, "Now it's ON."


Emily said...

Ha ha ha! Very clever, our Colin.

jgjbfamily said...

pdbq...same shape 4 letters
shoe,boo,blue,who,knew,do,lou...same sound different letters...
I'll take numbers any day :)

get2eric said...

Inversely proportionate letters and words are exquisite.

I have always been drawn to malapropisms and other plays on words particularly so with palindromic sentences and rhymes...........

Colin has an early start on being interested in cryptic crosswords I can tell. Thinking outside the box is our Colin O.

Good mention Gail.