Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What's wrong with this picture?

"Who wants a bath?" we ask every night after dinner. "ME!" shouts Colin, with both hands up in the air. Tonight, he sat down on the bath mat and started tugging at his socks. "Stuck!" he said. "Its okay, I'll help you," I said, as I put the ankle part over his heel so that he could remove them on his own. Then I turned my back to assist Anna. I guess socks were all Colin could take the time to remove, because in that moment he slithered into the tub. Anna jumped in, too, to be in the picture. Boy, oh boy! that boy is fast!


messymama1 said...

Very Funny! And yes, he is is fast, as I've witnessed.

Emily said...

LOL...I'm so glad you're capturing and documenting all this on film and blog. It's so entertaining!