Sunday, March 20, 2005

An early post

The past 3 days have been very hectic. "I feel like you've been gone on a business trip," Anthony says. I worked all day Thursday, and as soon as I got home (usually pretty close to 7 pm), Anth left for his monthly Parks & Rec meeting, and I had to get the kids into bed. Friday I worked all day. We were very busy in the morning, I didn't get to leave for lunch, and then I did a major dental surgery all afternoon. I left the clinic about 7 and I was wiped out. This was my Saturday to work, and after we were done, my boss asked me to lunch so he could ask my opinion about some things at the hospital. I was flattered, of course, and couldn't say no. There was tons to do when I got home, plus I really needed to exercise, and then we had to go to Chuy's last night (we are part of a mystery shopping service and had to eat a meal there last night and evaluate their service). But, it was Saturday and the end of SXSW (large music festival in Austin), so you can imagine the wait. After we got the sleepy kids in bed, I was exhausted again.

So I slept like a log, and this morning I wake up with Anthony all snuggled up to me. It feels great, except the sun is streaming in our windows and into my eyes, and my bladder is FULL, and I'm thinking about the list of things I gotta do today. And, as much as I want to be with my family, I can't believe how I am craving some alone time. Isn't this the great irony of having a family with small children? You want to spend quality time with them, but in order to be worthwhile to them, not a complaining, short-tempered hag, you need some personal space.

So, I sneak out of bed, get dressed and wash my face as quietly as I can, feed the cat, feed the dog, make some tea, sweep the floors (it hasn't been done in 4 days, ahhhhh!), and make my list. And have time to write on my blog! (happy sigh) Oh yeah, and admire my beautiful new fridge that my husband bought me while I was gone.

I say "bought me" not like a helpless dependent wife without an opinion of her own but like a grateful woman whose husband found the beautiful fridge, researched it, negotiated $110 off for the floor model, brought it home, installed it, and even put all the food from the old fridge into it!

Here's today's To-Do List:
Make the kids pancakes
Grocery Shopping
Long Bike Ride
Shoe shopping w/Anna
Finish Chuy's shop report
Cook dinner

Wish me luck. Here comes Anna, waking up giving me a big hug, and saying, "I love you, Mommy!" Right on time, I was starting to miss her!


messymama1 said...

Okay Jennifer, you and I really need to go out for some margaritas, sans kiddies. Girls' night out. Call me, Lisa

EdamameMommy said...

I will drive over to Austin for a girls night out, too! I'm always up for 'ritas. And the sans kiddies part has equal appeal.

Yes, you are very blessed with a husband who does thorough consumer research. And he's handy. And he is conscientious, and apparently makes great banana splits. What a great bil! (that's brother in law to the non-internet groupies reading this)