Sunday, March 27, 2005

Egg Hunt!

The good thing about living in the suburbs is things like the really great egg hunt that neighbors organize at the park steps away from our house. They put like a thousand eggs in our little park. Enough eggs that every dawdling toddler will still walk away with a HAUL of Easter loot. Observe all the eggs strewn about in the following photo:

I like the way Anna is RUNNING towards a new egg she had spied, running past at least 3 others. This photo was taken after they had been already hunting for at least 3 minutes.

We were so glad to have our friends, Lisa & Michael, Ruby & Lyra, join us. Here, best friends Anna & Ruby show off their bounty.

Look at those baskets! Lots of Easter loot for everyone. And, I appreciate that most eggs don't contain candy. We got lots of stickers, plastic animals, and stamps!

Here's a good action shot of Lyra.

Despite the plethora of eggs, the whole thing was over pretty quickly. Before we returned to our house for coffee on this cold, blustery day, Colin got a few moments in the swing. Check out the muddy shoes!

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