Monday, March 07, 2005

The Cat's Name

Is Claudio.

Anna chose it from a short list of choices I gave her. As soon as she heard it, she said, "Claudio. I like Claudio. His name is Claudio." Anthony thinks his name should be Boots, a horribly generic name that everyone at my work scoffs at.

Anthony: His name should be Boots. He even answers to it.

Anna: Daddy, his name is Claudio.

Anthony: It doesn't matter, he's not our cat anyway.

Anna's face registers shock, then confusion, then surprise. Then, she leans in to me and whispers: "I'm gonna tell him his name is Claudio." Good choice, Anna!

This is what Colin says to the cat: "Diddy.....whey-ahh-yoo?" Then he chases him mercilessly. He also likes to put food in his bowl.

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messymama1 said...

I LOVE the name! xoxo, Lisa