Sunday, March 13, 2005

Kite Festival

Today was a breezy warm spring day, the perfect day to go to a kite festival with friends. Here are Anthony and Anna flying her little ladybug kite. It actually flew very well, with little preschooler assistance. However, when I took the picture, it was actually on the ground.

We met our friends there, Lisa and Michael, who have 2 girls almost exactly the same age as our kids. Here they are with Ruby, sailing their ladybug kite. I swear, its like our families do almost everything simultaneously!

Sorry its such a long shot, you can't really see our lovely friends, but hopefully you can get a feel for how beautiful the day was, and how many Austinites were out flying kites.

Here's Colin surveying the scene with his dashing new haircut!

1 comment:

EdamameMommy said...

Looks like perfect kite weather, indeed! A blustery day, as pooh would say. Love the haircut, glad it makes life a little less ouchie.