Monday, March 07, 2005

The Cowgirl Returns home!

Here is Anna, in her cowgirl finery, upon her arrival home.

We were so happy to see her! She did very well on her first big trip, though she did get a little homesick. Saturday night she spiked a fever, and that made her want her mommy, and daddy, and home. I think she would have been fine if it hadn't been for another vile virus. There's nothing like feeling cruddy to make you want your mommy and familiar surroundings.

Anthony and I both very much wanted to pick her up from the airport, but her arrival time was right smack in the middle of Colin's nap time. We tried calling 3 different babysitters, but no one could come last minute. Anthony graciously let me go get her. Her cheeks were bright with fever, but she was so happy to see me! As we walked around the airport, her all gussied up like a sweetheart of the rodeo, dragging her wheeled suitcase behind her, many heads turned, smiling at the little cowgirl. Several times I could hear her mumbling something under that 5-gallon hat. "What, baby?" I bent down to ask her. "I love you soooooo much, Mommy," she said. "Let's go home and see Daddy."

We snapped these photos, then let her change into something more comfortable. When Colin woke up, sad to say, he was more interested in the fact that Anna was watching "Dora the Explorer" than the fact that Anna was home. Oh well.

Happy trails.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that outfit!She looks very contnent- even with a fever!Hope she's feeling better. Give the cowgirl a hug and kiss for me! Love, -Bev-

Anonymous said...

I can see Anna everywhere I go in the house and though I know it will fade with time, I am enjoying that she was here.
Thanks to Emily, without whom it coudna have happened and thanks to great parents who share their kids with family.
Love Grandad