Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Eggs

Anna said, "Can we paint eggs today?" "Yes, honey," I said, "but you don't paint eggs, you dye them." Then I thought, well, why not. We had a little water paint set from Auntie Steph, and it actually worked extremely well - see for yourself!

We had to buy these white eggs - probably first I bought since last Easter. We actually have our own chickens, but they lay brown eggs. Also, they make terrible boiled eggs. Even if they've been in our fridge for a month. Apparently, fresh eggs don't peel well after they are boiled, so you're better off with grocery store eggs that have sat at room temperature for who knows how long.

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Grandad said...

Nana and I had Easter eggs this morning along with our traditional Easter bread which Nana has been baking for 35 years or so...................
We really went off our low carb diets--I ate 5 pieces of bread.
We went for a long walk by the Rio Grande which is flowing swiftly since NM had lots of precip this winter.
Great to see the pics of Colin Oliver and Anna Banana..............