Saturday, March 12, 2005

BA ge BOLL GO! (colinspeak)

As many of you know, Colin is obsessed with basketball. The small basketball Anthony bought him on a whim at Home Depot has become his "lovey," meaning he carries it everywhere and sometimes even sleeps with it. When I get him from the nursery after my workouts at the rec center, we have to go in the gym and "shoot some hoops." He also loves to watch the big boys play across the street. This week Anthony got him his own mini BB goal at Walmart.

After Anthony brought it home, Colin put his basketball in the goal for AN HOUR. For a toddler with a 30 second attention span, this is an eternity. The goal is the perfect height - he has to stand on his tippy tippy toes and push the ball over the rim - not every try makes it, but enough do to make it really fun.

Oh No, Mommy, I missed one!

Here's Colin preparing for another shot while Anna bounces in the background.

Notice anything about Colin-O's hair?

That's right, Colin got a real hair cut today. I loved his long curls, but for the past 2 days its just been long and frizzy. And, he is so tender-headed as soon as you start spraying the detangling spray, he starts saying, "Ow, ow, owwww... hurt." So after we spent gobs of time outside today in the gorgeous spring weather, I finally turned Dora on, sat him in a chair, and cut it. Yes, I cut it myself, and I didn't even need a bowl! Both Anthony and I are thrilled with the results. Still long and curly, but so cute and no "owies" when I combed it out after bathtime!


Anonymous said...

What a great haircut .............

Anonymous said...

I love this little guy! He can dunk the basketball already. And I love his new haircut. Love, Nana