Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A sense of accomplishment

Yesterday was a little frustrating for me. (where are those margaritas?) I worked my ass off at work - as in 1 potty break all day, and no lunch. It was supposed to be my half day, but I didn't finish up until 3 pm. Then I came home and the house was a wreck - no clean areas to be seen anywhere! So I picked up until it was time to start cooking dinner, then we ate, bathtime, and whoosh, the day was over.

Today, though, I got stuff done. No, not all the laundry (kids' stuff mostly put away, but mine is still in the basket). I went through the toys - you know, the ones spontaneously increasing their numbers in the corner of the living room and in Anna's closet. I was ruthless - 3 bags of toys and books that no one ever plays with or will ever miss. Of course, if Anna sees them bagged up, ready to go to Goodwill, she will howl about how she needs them. If they mysteriously disappear, though...

I took 3 bags of toys, one bag of books, and 3 bags of my old clothes to Goodwill. Even I couldn't look at the contents when I handed them over. But now that they're gone - ahhh!- I feel so much lighter in spirit whenever I think of all that I got rid of. I know I do this at least twice a year. Where does all this stuff come from? How come I keep getting rid of the old stuff, but it never all seems to leave me?

Of course, I did this in preparation for the onslaught of birthday presents for Anna. So, be forewarned, all ye who are buying gifts: think quality, not quantity! Both kids already have more toys than they could possibly play with, and this house needs no more junk!

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Anonymous said...

Makes me think of the summer I cleaned a little girl's closet when she was away and I pitched the "Rock Collection" !! I still feel guilty.