Thursday, March 17, 2005

Toilet Paper Caper

As I took Colin's diaper off in preparation for the nightly bath, I realized he was saying something but I wasn't sure what. "I sit dere, I sit dere," he moaned, pointing to the potty. You might think this is a better sign than it is. We have been letting him sit on the toilet before the bath, just like his big sister, except he is a little mistaken about what its all about. "Paper...." he says, as he tears off a few sheets and stuffs them down between his legs. I guess that's all he can tell that Anna and I do on the pot, and now he figures he's got it down pat. Anthony says, "I guess I've got some things to show him..."

A few moments later, he goes into my closet and empties his bladder. At moments like these, I remind myself over and over, "Urine is sterile." Its my potty training mantra.

Anna says, "Why did Colin pee in the closet?" I say, "Because he's just a baby and he doesn't know yet to go in the potty. Don't worry, honey, when you were a baby, you did the same thing. You even pooped in my closet once!"

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Emily said...

And poop is NOT sterile!