Wednesday, August 06, 2008

When they say not for felines, they mean it

Although K9 Advantix for Dogs says all over it, "DO NOT PUT ON CATS," sometimes people do it anyway, out of stupidity or laziness or because they are too cheap to get the appropriate product for their cat.

So I saw a cat yesterday who was being watched by the sister of the owner. Her bright brother told her over the phone to put "just a drop" of the K9 Advantix on his cat, and it would be OK.

Cats can't handle the strong permethrins in the Advantix, not even just a drop, and soon the poor cat was twitching uncontrollably, plus she was hyperexcitable. If you just approached her twitchy face, she would rare back, shaking all over.

We immediately gave the cat a bath to remove any remaining product, placed an IV catheter and gave her strong muscle relaxers. The twitching decreased, and she even rubbed against my hand when I stroked her.

I explained to the sister how we were treating the cat, and she said that when the cat started looking bad she tried to wash the area a little. "Then I got on the internet," she said, "I tried to look up home remedies for when you're a dumbass and put advantix on your cat..."


angie said...

Dumbass indeed. I'm glad his sister inherited some brains along with a sense of humor.

mainlyclearskies said...

Wow. Ditto what Angie said.

peevish said...

At least she did the right thing in the end. And she learned a valuable lesson about trusting her brother. If she ever has kids, maybe she won't let him babysit.

The Laukkanen's said...

It's great she tried to wash it off, but why not go immediately to the vet??!! Why go to the internet when your cat is twitching uncontrolably? What is wrong with people these days??... Sorry, it was another long day at work struggling with clients sense of what is best for their pets!