Monday, August 04, 2008

Swimming when its 105 F

Colin and I had such a blast at the pool today that we took Anna after her ballet camp was done. It's a really cool pool with water features and two slides. If you aren't tall enough, you can go on the "family slide," with another person who is age 16 or older. There is another curvy slide that only one person can ride at a time, and if you're not tall enough, you can try again next summer.

This was the first year Anna has been tall enough to ride the slides alone. She was so psyched, and also it made things much easier on me. Last year, I had to take turns with them, and so one kid had to sit cross-legged at the end of the pool while I took the other, then they would switch. They even made me ride alone down the curvy slide just for a vicarious thrill.

Anna's face as she completed the slide for the first time was priceless. This made the pool so much easier for me, too. Colin was not to bothered by it - he has gone from the "boy who sinks" to the excellent paddler, but he's not really ready to go it alone. He is confident that when he is seven, he too will get slide privileges. I really treasured him holding my hand all the way from the ladder out of the pool, up the slide steps, and down again. It won't be long until he won't want to be seen with me. Maybe then I can read a book poolside.


Emily said...

LOL..."the boy who sinks!"

I remember him telling me, in a serious tone, "I sink."

He's so cute.

Glad Anna is enjoying the privileges of being 7!

peevish said...

Our neighborhood pool is designed for the 8 and under set. It is very cool for younger kids, with a waterfall and a slide and maximum depth of 3'6". For this summer anyway, my kids are satisfied with it, and we can walk there. SO this is the year I get to sit and read while they swim. Yea!

But as soon as we move up to the grown-up pool, I'll lose that privilege. For awhile, anyway.

peevish said...

p.s. Our forecast high today is 83 degrees. wow.

mainlyclearskies said...

I like the idea of reading a book poolside! With an umbrella for shade.

s said...

Argh! I'm from Austin and I can agree that it is very very hot!

Maybe we should start an austin bloger's group:)

Anonymous said...

105F...I see you answered my question ,Jennifer!! THAT is HOT!! A.Norma.x