Thursday, August 07, 2008

Despite the heat

Here is a sampling of my harvest today. Amazingly, the Porters (big pinky tomatoes) and yellow pears are still producing, and also apparently one hen. Not pictured are the bountiful Juliet tomatoes (big long cherries), bell peppers, and gobs of basil.


peevish said...

how much is shipping?

Library Lady said...

I am drooling--my tomatoes are just starting to ripen. I actually had to buy 2 at the farmer's market last week--needed something to go with all that pesto I made last night.

The upside is that we are going to have a nice large tomato crop--the weather here has been prime for tomatoes again. Though I envision picking a lot of half ripe tomatoes right before we go to Chincoteauge in 2 weeks!

And yesterday I DID harvest a small handful of Sun Gold which (ahem) somehow mysteriously disappeared on the trip home from the community garden.