Saturday, August 09, 2008

Local vs. Cheap foods, part 2

What I bought today at the farmers' market:

White Italian eggplants
Tiny cucumbers
Red onions
Berkshire pork
English Cheddar and Bacon Quiche made by Tracy

((Look at what Lisa bought in CO!!))

What I bought at Costco:

Crusty sourdough loaves
Champagne grapes
Havarti from Denmark
Swiss Alps Panorama Cheese (yum!)
Case and a half of Cameron Hughes' new wines

What I made this afternoon:

Homemade homegrown pesto

What I served my children for dinner:

Macaroni and cheese, from a box

(OK, so it was White Cheddar mac n'cheese, and there were fresh crudites on the side of tomato/cucumber/carrot, but yeah, look at me with the processed food when I'm tired. Also, Colin won't eat pesto anymore.)


EdamameMommy said...

shoulda bought that case and a half from Daddy-O to contribute to his cruisefund!

peevish said...

God, don't you hate it when they stop eating something delicious and nutritious?

We've cut way back on our Costco purchases. There isn't one very close, and we've tried to replace the items we used to buy there with more local food. But we do buy Rudy's bread there, as well as Maverick Farms meat & Coleman Natural chicken, all Colorado-based. We still buy things like olive oil & frozen blueberries there, as well as tp. But it is a good thing they sell gas because it is a bit of a drive to get there. AND the photo lab refuses to cross-process my film, so I have to go to Boulder for that.

Ok, this comment has gotten out of hand. Sorry about that.

ColeBugsmommy said... you are human after all! :-)

Laura said...

Blueberries... I bought some at the grocery store yesterday, too. They're freshly picked from a local field, thanks to a bevvy of migrant workers! They're yummy on cereal, and in pancakes, which is what Mr T made for breakfast yesterday.

The Laukkanen's said...

That is probably the best thing I have read in awhile to make me feel better about myself! You do really inspire me to try and cook (not gourmet cooking, just not out of a box! Gotta start somewhere!) but it is really nice to hear that quick and easy isn't just for my kids...and that my son isn't the only picky kid not eating my healthy cooking!