Thursday, August 28, 2008

School Daze

Yesterday I was off, as usual, except as my jealous friends with small children noted, BOTH my kids were in school until 3pm. So I had the day to myself, except that Anthony was at home "working" in the "home office" all day. No really! He did write a lot of reports, in addition to paying lots of attention to me.

It was great to see the kids tumbling off the bus together. I love that there is a rule that siblings have to sit next to each other on the bus, but honestly, Anna is so protective of Colin I'm sure she'd sit next to him anyway. And Colin loves to say, "Anna is bigger, so she is in charge of me." I wonder how long that will last.


Krispy said...

ha! sounds just like my day - although it was Noah who greeted Jasper at the car to walk him in to his classroom (first day!) It was tear-worthy.

paula said...

well (cough) nice to know that you got to spend some "quality time" together .... AND IN DAYLIGHT HOURS AS WELL!!! I don't know, how very dare you !!!

Emily said...

So sweet! I liked having a protective big sister (you!) too.