Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Here we are, in our first day finery (except me in my scrubs):

Beautiful Anna, as we sent her off down the hall to start 2nd grade:

Happy Colin and his teacher. Does she know what she's in for? ;-)

No tears from any of us, but lots of deep sighs and wistful glances.


get2eric said...

They both look good and very happy.
Anna's got some tan.

paula said...

What a big day for everyone especially mummy XX

peevish said...

You all look a little sleepy!

I hope everything went well.


Emily said...

They both look so big to me, especially Anna!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Both Anna and Colin have grown up so much! I love the pics Jenn...and seeing the kids on webcam the other night made my day!!! =)