Friday, August 01, 2008

Back to Business

That last post took it out of me. But, I am back from vacation, in life and on my blog, so I hope to resume regular posting now. It is interesting the effect this great trip has had on us - I feel a little more "Italian," trying not to stress over the small details of life, trying to not control every aspect but contribute to each moment, each season.

Anna clearly remembers so much of the countries she visited. When we read a book by an English author, she knows where that person is from. Colin asked me yesterday, "Can we get on an airplane and go to Italy again? I want to see Leo and Martino. And go on that zip cord." Anthony is making espresso every day, and bemoaning the persistent, humid heat. It was warm in Italy (highs in the low 90s), but by evening it cooled off enough to eat outside every evening. Here, its still in the mid 90s at 10 pm.

The kids and I are trying to cram as much summer as possible into the remaining days before school starts. We've gone to see some of the Manny's shows, and he even asked the giddy kids on stage for a song. Their mikes were low, but I could definitely hear their happy voices.


get2eric said...

That is a nice pic. I can't wait until we come up to see the manny.
Thanks for the AMS book.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer..I love that picture of Anna and Colin..brings back nice memories for me..I think I wasn't much older than Anna when my Dad (your Grandad) started coaching me to sing. A.Norma.

Emily said...

Anthony shared with me another picture where Anna looks like a true rocker -- she had one fist up and looked like she was singing at the top of her lungs!