Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sixth of May

1. We've seen three of these docile little brown snakes in the yard in the past few days. Anna touched this one and I picked up the other two (which terrified my children that I might get bitten!). There must've been some eggs laid under the bushes.

2. We saw tadpoles in the creek for the first time this spring, and rescued an adorable blind snake from the water. They are no bigger than a regular earthworm (a nightcrawler could eat them) and SO CUTE!

3. Anna lost her upper left 2nd incisor last night at dinner, then the right one today at lunch. She was so chuffed to FINALLY lose a tooth at school, because she got a tiny plastic treasure chest to put it in, and now is part of the "Lost Tooth Club."

4. Since I had the afternoon off, I went for a swim, first time since last August. The water was cold but I need to get ready for the Danskin triathlon June 8th.

5. When Colin craves seafood, he says, "My head needs fish!!!" Somehow he heard fish is food for your brain (probably from Capt. Carlos). He was very happy that we had grilled tuna last night and salmon tonight.

6. After I got home from work and swimming, we practiced downhill pedal-less biking for 30 minutes, then Anna wanted to train for a 5k she wants to do in a few weeks, so we jogged and walked about 1.5 miles, then spent some time at the park with neighbors. Needless to say, the kids fell asleep very quickly tonight. I'm feeling pretty fatigued as well...


Laura said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! I admire you for running the marathons.

Krispy said...

ya'll make me feel like a complete slacker!

those snakes are cute. Apparently as a child I called them "skinks" and brought many home to show my mom. (who was not fond.)

We have finally joined the lost tooth club too - N's first!

Emily said...

Great post! Congrats to Anna.

What's a blind snake?

I like it when Colin says "My brain is telling me ____" (fill-in-the-blank) It's usually something totally indulgent and not necessarily what is best at the moment!

mainlyclearskies said...

What a great day! Fish for dinner sounds yummy!

peevish said...

We have lots of snakes here, too, but I don't know what kind they are. Sadly for the snakes, all the boys know right where to find them. A few days ago I saw a hawk fly over, holding a snake in its talons. dinner!

EdamameMommy said...

Why oh why are your danskin tris always on my children's birthdays?!?!?!