Monday, May 26, 2008

Ballet Ballet Ballet

This weekend was consumed by Anna's ballet recital. There was a long dress rehearsal on Friday, performance Saturday night, performance Sunday afternoon, and then portraits this morning. Even though it is a very young school, the director tries to make it as professional as possible. Still, it was a lot of ballet. Good thing Anna loved every minute of it!

I worked backstage on Saturday night, helping little girls with their costume changes and putting makeup on. Its amazing the eyelashes on some of these girls once you put some mascara on! It was a lot of fun, but I didn't get to see much dancing.

Sunday I sat in the audience with the family. Anna loves to dance! You can tell she is precisely doing all her steps, but she is also BEAMING from the stage. She has no stage fright. Her face is so elastic as she expresses cold, joy, worry, and happiness as needed in her dances. Watching her happiness totally made it worth sitting on those hard little seats during all those (yawn) jazz dances.

Anna was thrilled to have Nana (a former ballerina herself) and her classmate Katherine in the audience.

Anna has become good friends with this great little group of girls. They are looking forward to dancing together this summer.

Mommy, are we done with all these photos yet?


ColeBugsmommy said...

She looks amazing...and so grown up!

get2eric said...

Anna is beautiful. The pictures and costumes are very good too.
Nana looks great.

EdamameMommy said...

oohs and ahhs over here.

mainlyclearskies said...

Anna is so pretty. Such a great smile!

Anonymous said...

Oh my little ballerina - yes, she is so poised and beautiful! And she does love to dance. I was so happy to be there, too.
Love, Nana

Alissa said...

She looks great and very happy. I am glad she has found something that she loves so much.

Emily said...


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pics,Jennifer...Anna is certainly turning into a beauty..Nanna Bev looks good too..

Aunty Norma.

Library Lady said...

She looks beautiful. But I especially like the last picture because it really expresses ANNA!

My girls have their recital on Saturday, though I'm afraid their costumes aren't so glam. And lord help me, I'm the stage manager--I'm almost as nervous as they are!