Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers' Day!

I had a great day - brunch at El Chile, gorgeous breezy dry cool sunny weather, spent lots of time outdoors gardening etc, and harvested a ton of basil -- enough to make a double batch of pesto for dinner! That and a bottle of Avignonese makes for a great outdoor meal.

Colin gave me a candle in a decorated pot, with colorful splotches of paint and glued on bits of stuff. Anna gave me an "airplane plant," (because the mommy plant gives off little babies), decorated with this poem,

cooking, working, helping
at home
in the kitchen
at work
The best mommy in history!
Love, Anna Your first child

I loved it, and what Anthony wrote in my card: "You are the nucleus that holds us all together."

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Emily said...

What a beautiful card and lovely sentiment. So glad you had a great Mother's day.