Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Also starring Colin

Colin discovered the tomatoes turning ripe this weekend, and was very excited! (He also took me by the hand to show me that the zinnias had returned and were blooming) We all eat tomatoes in season, but Colin and I really relish them!

He ate them both, spilling jellied seeds all over his shirt. His long sleeved shirt, over his hoodie, that he picked out to wear himself on 95 degree Saturday. At least I made him wear shorts and sandals to the Farmers' Market.

Colin is perplexed by some of the doubled squash and cucumbers we picked out. What do you make of them?


get2eric said...

Yeah, Colin.

I'm bonkers on tomatoes too.

Emily said...

Me too! Love tomatoes fresh from the garden.
He's so adorable. But WHY would he wear so much clothing when it's so HOT?
Those are interesting looking squash!

peevish said...

Those squash are freaky-cool!

And at least you didn't have to slather Colin's arms with sunblock.

mainlyclearskies said...

I miss the days of picking tomatoes from my gramma's garden and eating them right there - little bit of dirt and all.

The squash/cukes are weird. Have you tried them yet?

Dana said...

It looks like a snake on the plate. A very cute snake, though!