Friday, November 18, 2005

Precious Cargo

Anthony got to take me to lunch today, which was really nice! Its always a pleasantly strange when we can have an extended uninterrupted conversation.

On the way back to my clinic, I noticed in the backseat was Anna's Pooh Bear and Colin's Green Blanket, left behind from drop off at their schools this morning. "Yeah, I drive around with this in my backseat, and hope no one notices it," Anth said, "It doesn't look very cool."

"You'd better not let anything happen to this car!" I said, "Or we'll never get any sleep!"


Jess said...

I can only imagine how tragic that would be!!! Oh, no, I can't even think about it! YIKES!

Anonymous said...

I thought one time..if the house was burning and of course it was safe...what would I take?...?

I think in y'alls case...IF the house is burning.....GRAB POOH AND "GWEEN BWANKET!"

Yes, very scary thought to think that something should happen to Anna and Colin's "snugglies..."