Sunday, November 06, 2005

Adorable Anna

Anna crawled in bed with me, early yesterday morning, and said, "Mommy... I'm hungry."

Then her tummy growled.

"Hear that?" she said, "That was like a toot, only no smell."


kelley said...

Lindsey read that post to all of us at dinner tonight and we all had a really good laugh. Although, you couldn't hear my dad 'cause of the silent Brooks laugh! :)

paula said...

That is sooo funny!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that comment, Kelley! As I sit here doing the same silent Brooks laugh! Glad Anna entertains us all. Aunt Bev

Anonymous said...

Ah, the infamous Brooks laugh! We tease my mom about that gene all the time...she'll start laughing,yet the only way you know she's laughing is because she's shaking! Other than that she's completely silent.You should see the Brooks' when there all together..and laughing...its quite funny(literall)! =)

That is such a cute quote by Anna!Kids can come up with the funniest comments that no one else would say out loud.

I love that! =)


Aunty Norma said...

oh my, sweet little Anna..only an innocent child can come up with something like that! xxx

Jess said...

Cute Story!

Still need a babysitter for Friday? I called, answer. I left a message, but I'm not sure if y'all got the message. Let me know! :)