Monday, November 14, 2005

I know I need a new post...

...Just so those awful dental pictures aren't the first thing everyone sees! But, I'm at work today, filling in for my boss, who gave me an extra day at Christmas for working today, woo-hoo!

We had a party party party weekend. First we had a surprise 40th birthday party for our dear friend, Michael. I've known Michael since I was a college freshman. I didn't feel old until I saw the flower girl from his wedding there and realized she's now a college freshman. Michael has a great immediate family (his wife is my best friend from vet school) and a great extended family. My kids loved playing with all their cousins and a good time was had by all.

Sunday we went to my cousin Beverly's Sweet 16 Birthday Party. Beverly had many friends there, plus some kids she babysits and families from her church. Most of the teenagers played football outside, then came in and sat down, boys at one table, girls at another. Beverly can't wait to drive! Good luck at DPS, Bevie!

Then Anna had a birthday party at Pump It Up, a place with multiple huge blow-up tents, jumpers, and steep steep slides. Anna was the only girl from her class there, but ran/jumped/slid around with all the boys. I enjoyed talking to a lot of the other parents, getting opinions on different schools to send Anna to next. Anna had a blast, of course. My only complaint was that the party was 5-7:30, and all they served was cake and chips. Hopefully she burned it all off with the running and jumping.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new post. :) I really find your VET posts interesting, it's just that last one with the GREEN pictures was a bit disturbing every time I logged on. Can't believe Michael is 40!!! Now that makes me feel old. Love you, M

Jess said...

Pump it up must have been fun!!! I wish I was a kid again! Just letting you know, I posted a video of Anna and Colin singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! I hope you don't mind! :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed having you guys out to my party yesterday! It was crazy busy...wish I could've talked with you more!

Okay, about the "segregation"...*ha,ha*...that naturally occurs with all my friends, SO I was DETERMINED to break it (this happened after y'all left)...I plopped myself right down in between all the guys and told them there would be NO gender segregation at my party! =) LOL!

Altogether,I had an awesome Sweet 16th Party!

It was so great to see Anna and Colin ,whom I hadn't seen since July! =)Thank you Jenn and family for making it EVEN more of a special event!

Also,I appreciate all the wishes about my license...just finished the second to last test a minute ago....ALMOST THERE!


Aunty Norma said...

Well I just have to say it to you,Bevie..HAPPY BELATED 16TH BIRTHDAY!!! in England hopeful drivers have to be 17years old..and sit some stiff theory tests!!I feel sorry for them now and glad I passed mine ermm umpteen years ago hahaha x

paula said...

Thanks for the new post Jenn, I was having to brace myself every time I looked at your blog in case the green teeth pics were still there. It was one of the first things your dad and Emily mentioned "have you seen the pics on Jenn's blog?" Belated happy birthday Bevie!!! And yet more good luck wishes for your driving test!!!

messymama said...

Thanks for the new posts, Jenn. My hand kept just hovering over the mouse while I thought, "Man, I don't want to see those pictures again". ANyway, what is wrong with parents, giving a kids party right at suppertime and serving nothing but snacks and cake??? Okay, done ranting. Nice pics of the butterflies & Colin!