Monday, November 14, 2005

Here are some PRETTY pictures.

Here's Colin, checking out all the butterflies on one of Anthony's plants.

How appropriate is that bug shirt?!? Click the image for a close-up and you can see more butterflies. Also nice detail on Colin's beloved GEEN BWANKET.

We are fortunate to live just within the edge of the Monarch Migration trail, as these intrepid invertebrates make their migration from New England and Canada, down to Mexico to hibernate for the winter.

Anthony took a nice close-up.

We'll get 20-30 butterflies at a time on this one bush. You can see them swooping across the lawn to come in for a landing. Guess it pays to plant native.



Aunty Norma said...

Wonderful,Jenn...very good trying to see what the lilac bush is...we have a tree in our garden ..a Buddlea...we get loads of Butterflies on it, all colours too. xx

paula said...

Beautiful pictures Jenn, really amazing!!! Nice to get look at Colin's Green Blanket, Emily was telling me all about it!! XXX

EdamameMommy said...

Cool! My gulf coast frits are back -- because the passion vine has had a chance to grow back a few branches -- and I have watched one morphing for the past week. S/he is attached to the side of the compost bin. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Those are GREAT pictures! The last one has so much detail - its amazing! =)

Yes,Geen Bwanket......that blanket MUST never get lost,because Colin will not be fooled into believing that another is "the one".........=)


The Lioness said...

[You have no idea way, but I'll thank you for the butterflies all the same. Really.]

Library Lady said...

Love butterflies. Every spring JR and I go to a special butterfly show at a botanical garden in Maryland. You're inside a greenhouse with butterflies all around you. So cool!