Monday, June 06, 2005

My throat still hurts

I went to my physician today, because I have a sore throat that has lasted longer than 7 days now, and a cough. She has a small little practice in a tiny little office. When I called first thing this morning, her staff (as always) acted like they were too busy to be bothered by me, but managed to squeeze me in after lunch.

I had to drag along the little ones, of course. Anna was fine, but Colin was convinced the little plug in fountain in the corner of the miniscule waiting room was a drinking fountain. This sadly concerned the 2 office staff far more than it did me or the other people in the waiting room (who were quite amused). What could I do, I had to turn my back on the 2 year old to sign in, etc, and that is of course when he did it. More than once.

They hustled me into an exam room, where I furiously scribbled on the magnadoodle and dispensed raisins to distract Colin from his need to rummage through all the medical supplies in the room. Finally, the doctor came in, asked questions, briefly examined me, took a throat culture, talked a LOT to Anna (she is such a charming conversationalist), then told me the strep test was negative. Then she looked at me blankly. I asked what I should do. She recommended gargling with warm salt water (which I LOATHE) every 15 minutes for 2 hours. Then she looked at me blankly. Oh, did I want samples of a prescription medication that is really just sudafed and guafenisin? Sure...

This was very reminiscent of when I went to see her for conjunctivitis that wouldn't go away, and she said it was just viral, and she could give me antibiotic drops but they wouldn't help, and she wouldn't give me any steroid drops, and then asked me again did I want the antibiotic drops? (Then I left her office and got that erroneous red light ticket. That was a great day).

I'm sure she's a great physician but her bedside manner is just not jiving with me. I mean, I would not take so much of my personal time to go and see her if I thought what I was suffering from was a simple virus that needed to run its course. Today, I'm glad to know the strep test is negative, but at least show some sympathy for my sore throat that is hurting so bad it wakes me up in the middle of the night when I swallow. Her staff and her demeanor is giving me the message that my little problems are bothering them.

I think I will be switching to the lovely doctor who so kindly promptly sewed my face up when the dog bit me. He even called me, at home, at 7 pm five days later to see how I was doing. That's my kind of doctor!


Emily said...

I'm with you. I can't stand it when doctors act like you're bothering them. I'm an educated consumer, not just looking for an easy prescription, so take me seriously dammit! And you're a DVM! Maybe you should wear your lab coat into her office...

sinda said...

I went to the ARC recently, on a Friday, because I thought I had either strep or an ear infection, and we were having a party that weekend, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't contagious.

The last time I had been was in January of 2003, but the PA looked at my chart and said, "when you were in here a few months ago for the same complaint..." and proceeded to act like I was a hypochondriac who was there wasting her time. "You just have a cold," she said, and offered me a "strong decongestant."

I corrected her misunderstanding, telling her I hadn't been in for over 2 years, and asked her what advantage there was in filling the prescription versus taking something over the counter (I'd already told her that I was not taking anything, and that in general, I don't like to take anything). She looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "Well, the prescription medicine is STRONGER."

Duh - thanks, lady. That was really helpful!

I didn't fill the srip, I did take some decongestant, and I felt just fine for the party!

I hope you feel better soon -

EdamameMommy said...

Does the system make doctors evil, or are so many jaded people just drawn to the ego-centric role of Dr.?

I was flabbergasted to receive a thank you note and a follow-up call from my new ENT following my Feb illness. And he actually saw me ontime -- as in, I didn't wait in the waiting room OR the exam room for very long. It's so rare that it is ASTOUNDING when it happens. Isn't that so wrong?

And, hey, isn't Austin supposed to be full of peace and love? Where is the love, man?

Kick her to the curb.

Anonymous said...

Surely you will not go back to this poor excuse of a "DOCTOR".... you know better than this!!! Please find yourself someone more deserving ... Love you, M